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An ideal & inspiring teacher is 'Apta'. With such intention, Apta Ayurveda was formed merely through Website catering to Ayurveda News & with the change of time, YouTube Channel of Apta Ayurveda was started to provide necessary content, which was lacking in the field of Ayurveda for UG & PG students. Be it much loved 'TOPPER TALKS', where we get to learn the journey of AIAPGET Toppers Or COLLEGE SERIES, where we provide detailed information about Ayurveda Colleges or Videos catering to COUNSELLING, CUTOFFS, RESEARCH etc. have been very much loved by students over the past few years.

Slowly, seeing the dearth of Online Quality Study Content for BAMS students in such technology driven world, Apta Ayurveda became 'Apta Ayurveda Classes'.Offline Coachings have always been present in merely Metro Cities whereas Most of the Ayurveda Colleges are located in far-fetched areas, making it hard for students to attend Coachings.

And, the Online Coachings have always been not properly technology driven with'No cumulative Live & Recorded Lectures, Limited availability of proper Question Banks seeing how AIAPGET Papers have evolved over the years.Hence, APTA AYURVEDA CLASSES promises to bridge the gap by being ' One stop Platform for BAMS, AIAPGET, AMO Courses '.

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