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Confused to choose the right coaching ? Don't know what to study and how to prepare ?

If YES , then this article is for you. You may be in BAMS any Professional year. Everything that matters is from where you do your PG. As this will help you in future to shape your career. PG from reputed colleges always have a benefit and gives us an extra edge in knowledge and experience to practice better.

Enough said, AIAPGET is an ONLINE 120 MCQs exam which happens every year around the month of August-September. And, if you're thinking of preparing what needs the most is understanding the concepts of Charak Samhita very well as this covers almost 25% of the paper. Apart from the BrihaTrayi, LaghuTrayi and individual subjects like Dravyaguna Vigyana, Sanskrit, Research Methodology also needs to be covered.


In the recent years, apart from MCQs , Assertion and Reason based questions have also been added. Aiapget 2021 have also seen few General Knowledge based questions in the paper.

How should you prepare ?

Calculating 12 months of study, you should start with the BrihaTrayis for first 4-5 months and prepare them thoroughly. Secondly, go through the LaghuTrayis and then subjects wise as mentioned. Also, study the first 80 pages of Govind Parikh as well. But,just studying won't help you to crack any entrance examination without practicing questions. And, for that you need to solve atleast 300 Questions Online daily to actually crack All India Ayush Post-Graduation Entrance Examination.

Apta Ayurveda Classes is a well known Coaching Institute in the field of Ayurveda. Here, you get all your doubts answered like Daily Live Classes in the evening, Recorded Classes to revise the topics again & again, Practice 10000+ Mcqs and give enough Mock Tests to be fully prepared for Aiapget, and not to forget with the fine guidance of AIAPGET Toppers themselves.

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