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What a student needs to crack AIAPGET ?


Which BAMS Professional Year you're in right now ? Are you a Graduate ? At first Congratulations, on deciding to prepare for AIAPGET. By crackling this Entrance you get into 3 years of Post-Graduation study and become a Specialised Ayurvedic Doctor. The tag many students dream to get!

AIAPGET is an Online Entrance Examination of 120 questions with markings of +4/-1 .

The trick to prepare for AIAPGET lies within the Question Paper itself. After check the Ayurveda PG Question Papers of last 5 years there is basic formula to how the question paper is being set.

BRIHATRAYI which includes the CHARAK SAMHITA, SUSHRUTHA SAMHITA, ASHTHANGA HRIDAYA SAMHITA covers the 50% of questions, followed by the LaghuTrayis, Modern Subjects, Individual topics like Sanskrit, Research Methodology etc.


  • Live Lectures - The most important form of learning is Direct Learning. Hence, you must always take classes where you can learn directly from the concerned faculties. 

Benefits - Helps you to actively remember things.

  • Recorded Lectures - The boon to take online classes is recorded lectures. You can personally go through any topics and learn and revise them again & again in future from the Recorded Lectures. Suppose your study schedule is to study at 2am in the night. You may just open the Lectures and read them again. Is most helpful for Interns, Working Graduates who can't actively attain Live Lectures.

Benefits - Study at your own convenience.

  • Question Bank - Preparing for Competitive Exams is never complete without Practicing Questions. The more you practice Questions from every Samhita, to every Chapter , to every Shloka , its hard to crack AIAPGET. Options can trick you the most. 

Benefits - AIAPGET is an Online Entrance Examination. Hence, the more you practice questions online with time limit makes you prepare the most.

  • Doubt Classes - You aren't preparing well, if you don't find doubts. The more you prepare , the more you study in depth you get doubts. Hence, clearing doubts is the right way to approach the preparation.

Benefits - You won't forget the topic ever again.

  • Tests - You must always evaluate your preparation in regular intervals. Tests help you to understand your mistakes so that you don't rectify it in the MAIN EXAM.

Benefits - Best way to judge your preparation.

This is all about how to actually prepare. Now, if you have understood every point then we may say APTA AYURVEDA CLASSES has been started with this each & every thought. We can proudly say we follow all the basics needed to prepare for AIAPGET in the right direction. AIAPGET + Package of Apta Ayurveda Classes updates you all the necessities to prepare in the right way. We follow the latest trends of the Question Paper. 

BONUS - Assertion-Reason, Match the Following, Diagrammatic Questions, General Knowledge Questions, Clinical Questions are equally important to practice and go through.

For more detailed information regarding Classes you can check the Website on or contact us on 9101205114.

Guide to AIAPGET Aspirants.

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