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Why this course?


  • Thinking about preparing for AIAPGET ? From which college you want to do your PG from ?
  • AIAPGET is an online Entrance Examination. Total marks for the exam is 480 (+4/-1) , with a mix of MCQs & Assertion & Reasons pattern of Questions. You can crack AIAPGET in the first attempt itself, if you know the correct pattern of Questions and what to study and what not to.
  • We have a team of Experts who have aced the exam,knows the concepts, questions inside out. So,why not you aim to be the topper yourself ?


  • Daily Live Lectures : Monday - Friday
  • Recorded Samhita wise Lectures : 300+ hrs
  • Recorded Subject wise Lectures : 300+ hrs
  • Hard Copy Notes : Subject wise (4 set of Modules)
  • Daily MCQs to practice : 10000+ Questions
  • Test Series : 50+ { AIAPGET pattern }
  • 24*7 Doubt Clearance Support
  • Course Validity : Until Selection

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